From the beginning I was impressed at the attention to detail that Aldo and his team were giving to Brave Naked and which paid off so well in the finished film. It's a great team effort and I am very proud and happy to have been a member of Aldo's team. My contribution as an actor was to bring as much detail and authenticity to the 'Old Man' street character in this strange, evocative tale as I could. So, I didn't shave or shower for a week, I didn't brush my teeth for four days and I slept in the clothes that I wore in the film. Plus I spent a couple of afternoons in parts of London where I didn't think I would meet anyone who knew me and I practised walking about and behaving like my Old Man character. People seemed to accept me as being authentic even if a bit weird. The character voice and mannerisms I used were based on a real street person from my childhood nick-named Dirty Harry (this was many years before Clint Eastwood's film of the same name). Dirty Harry would hang around near the Tower of London and sometimes do bizarre satirical street performances with rolled up newspapers as binoculars and commentating on an imagined horse race.

Some of the horses in Dirty Harry's imagined race would be named after people who were in the news that week and others would be named after everyday item's like say 'chewing gum' or 'banana'. "... and as they come into final furlong now it's Chewing Gum stuck to the rails with Banana coming away from the bunch just behind John Profumo, Christine Keeler and coming up on the inside Mandy Rice-Davis ... they are neck-a-neck as they approach the finishing line ... it's going to be a photo finish ... it's a photo, it's a photo, it's a photoooh!!! ..." (Dirty Harry examines an imaginary photo) "... what a dirty photo!!!!"

One detail I remember from Dirty Harry was how ingrained with dirt his fingernails and cuticles were after all his years on the streets. I asked the make-up artist Jennifer Trinity if she could make my finger nails and cuticles like Dirty Harry's and she was delighted to do so. It was very pleasing for Jennifer and myself when Director of Photography George Tsikos noticed my Dirty Harry hands and shot a close-up on them, which is almost the first shot you see of my Old Man character. Brave Naked was a very happy shoot and I so enjoyed working with this very competent, cheerful and professional team.