The news section was meant to open ages ago, but humans' life is intense and procrastinating, apart from being one of the worst English words in the vocabulary (I am sensitive to how words sound—for instance, I like preposterous and begrudgingly, so be aware that I will try to use them as often as possible), acts no surprise as a most predictable biblical snake.
However, here we are, finally starting off with a funny photo my friend producer, script reader and writer, the lovely Alison Crews Wroblewski took a while back in a shop (I took the liberty to add the faces). Thanks Alison!

Check out Alison's website (also travel blog), Extra Letteurs, of which I particularly love her creative writing tab and the film and script analysis (by the way, we share the love for Todd Haynes' Carol, to me one of the best films in the last decade, and certainly on top of my 2015 favourites along with Ben Wheatley's High-Rise and Paolo Sorrentino's Youth).