I have been silent for quite a while but not completely dormant. In fact, it has been a rather hectic year, which is why—my bad all the same, this is no excuse—I have neglected this pages for so long.
Apart from writing, animation took most of my time since my last post. Most notably, I have been supervising the animation for two lovely animated shorts, one being Legends Never Die for Riot Games, directed by the incredibly nice and talented Evan Viera of ROYGBIV, and the other Intuit: A Giant Story, directed by the equally amazing againstallodds, a duo composed by the brilliant Niklas Rissler and Derek Picken.
Back to Brave Naked, which is what I should be talking about, the great news is that Prem1ere Film is now at the helm of its festival distribution. Right when I was starting to lose grip on it (I say sarcastically as I never really had it), they took the project and revived it with their competence and specific experience. You can follow the news on their website or the dedicated facebook page they have created and are kindly managing.
Meanwhile, Brave Naked was selected at a few more international festivals, most importantly the Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival, an event I was particularly keen to be part of, and more recently the Cefalù Film Festival.
While the full film is not available yet online (feel free to request a private link for it) I hope I will come back soon with more good news on where to see it.
I am going to leave you with a quote from Don DeLillo's Americana that I find witty and quite appropriate. I like Don DeLillo. Have fun, and speak soon.